App Review ~ Inky

Let Inky introduce you to your new bookshelf! Inky is a great way to find books you’ll enjoy. Follow people that you admire and trust, then see which books they think people should read, and why. 


Inky is an app that allows you to have a digital bookshelf of all your favourite books in one place. It is also an interactive platform on which you can discuss and fangirl about any book. You can give your followers recommendations or find recommendations from your friends.

I was contacted by Inky this summer to try out the app and give some feedback. In the time that passed, Inky has grown into a beautiful platform for bookworms all over the world to converse and share books.

The main aim of the app is to allow you to compose a digital bookshelf of your favourite books and your TBR. Under each book post you can rate the book out of five stars and add a comment. This will show up on your home feed, alongside the book posts from the people you follow. From here you like, comment and add any book to your TBR shelf.
Pretty simple.

What I love the most about the Inky app is the gorgeous visual layout of the bookshelves. Each book fits in its own place and for people with small bookshelves in their rooms, like me, it finally feels like the bookish possibilities are endless.

I have really enjoyed interacting with the people I follow and adding new books to my TBR. It is so easy to see everything about any book on the home feed because it is very well laid out:


The interactive buttons are lined up on the bottom of each post, making it very easy to add a book to your TBR by clicking the bookmark. Whereas the user’s review/comment on the book is right there and quick to read.

The newest addition to the app is the hashtag feature. We all love hashtags. From #YoungAdultFiction to #BusinessEconomics – Inky has a corner for all bookworms. The hashtag feature has really transformed the newest update because users can explore a wider range of books and connect with more people on the app.

Inky is truly a great platform for bookworms to use to get book recommendations from fellow bookworms. Another service Inky offers is a subscription box that sends you a surprise book based on the books on your Inky shelves. You can find this service here – and at a reasonable price! This is a great way to read books that you would usually take up a permanent residence in your TBR pile… or maybe that is just me.

Download Inky from the App Store ~ The app will be available on Android soon.


Disclaimer: As aforementioned, I was contacted by Inky to try out the app and give feedback. I have been in contact with the creators of the app to help with providing information that was then used to make improvements to the app. I was not paid to give a review of this app and all views are my own. 


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