Review ~ Oh My Gods by Alexandra Sheppard

❥ Title: Oh My Gods

 Author: Alexandra Sheppard

 Genre: Young Adult Contemporary

❥ Publisher: Scholastic

❥ Goodreads 

 Rating: 4 / 5 stars


She’s just moved in with her dorky dad and self-absorbed older siblings – who happen to be the ancient Greek gods, living incognito in London! Between keeping her family’s true identities secret, trying to impress her new friends, and meeting an actually cute boy, Helen’s stress levels are higher than Mount Olympus. She needs to rein in her chaotic family before they blow their cover AND her chances at a half-normal social life.
Or is Helen fated for an embarrassment of mythical proportions?

Synopsis taken from Goodreads


I was excited about Oh My Gods since I saw it in the Scholastic office while I was doing my work experience placement there! I saw this fun colourful book and took a quick peak at the back cover and immediately knew I was going to buy it and read it on release day!

Oh My Gods is a fun and quirky take on Greek mythology. I love that Alexandra Sheppard has taken her love for mythology and turned it into an exciting book for young readers so that they can learn about Greek Gods while also enjoying a fun story. I didn’t really learn or read anything about mythology until I was in university so I think it’s great that younger readers have access to a story like this while they are still in school!

I do think that I was expecting the book to be for an older audience. It felt a little young for me but that is absolutely fine! I would have definitely enjoyed it as a young reader – I think it’s perfect for readers between ages 12-15. It was fun to feel a little younger again and to reminisce on my teenage years for a little bit!

Helen, the protagonist, is a character that I felt easily connected to and her family are a quirky and eclectic bunch! There were moments when I was laughing out loud and other moments when I truly felt frustrated alongside Helen. The power and abilities of her family were really interesting to follow along with and there were certainly plot twists that I really enjoyed.

Overall, I gave Oh My Gods four out of five stars because I felt that the ending was a little rushed and I think it definitely would have loved some more development in the action at the end! It felt like the plot had just fully dived into the world of the Greek Gods and it ended pretty quickly! Give me some more mythology magic because I love it!

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